• 2020

    Number of employees: more than 2000

    In February, the company set up a color division

    Selected into the list of engineering technology research center of Guangdong Province in 2019

    DEFENSE return to the Chinese market with the Chinese name "Jue se"

    JAME building was capped in May

  • 2019

    Number of employees: more than 2000

    The company was awarded "high tech enterprise"

    The company shipped 70 million pieces

  • 2013

    Number of employees: more than 2000

    Dongguan jiezhiyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2010

    Number of employees: more than 2000

    The company is all involved in brand competition, large foundation to resolve the huge impact of ODM and OEM business caused by the decline of China's manufacturing competitiveness. Decided to establish Shenzhen Zhongchuang excellent technology Co., Ltd

    In May of the same year, the subsidiary, zhongchuangjue, cooperated with x-doria to establish China operation center and set up Hong Kong Branch

  • 2019

    Number of employees: more than 2000

    The company entered the domestic market in an all-round way

    The company puts forward the strategic development goal, and gradually becomes an international outstanding brand manufacturer of digital accessories by virtue of its R & D, production advantages and management experience

  • 2008

    Number of employees: 2000

    The company achieved rapid development, more than 2000 employees, and set up, participate in a number of affiliated, supporting enterprises

    The company has reached a cooperation with Philips DLO (Philips)

    The turnover nearly exceeded 300 million yuan

  • 2006

    Number of employees: 1300

    "Shenzhen JAME Technology Co., Ltd." was established

    The company and the world's largest computer and digital accessories manufacturer griffine reached a cooperation

  • 2005

    Number of employees: 1000

    The scale of the company expanded rapidly, from more than 100 to more than 400, and the number of employees exceeded 1000 for the first time in the same year

    Cooperation with Belkin, the world's largest manufacturer of electronic accessories and accessories

  • 2004

    Number of employees: 120

    The company's innovative invention PDA, smart phone silicone cover, and the world's first launch of such products

    In October of the same year, the company for the first time reached cooperation with bestbuy, the largest retailer in the world

  • 2003

    Number of employees: 100

    JAME was founded

    Located in the most concentrated area of electronic products manufacturing and distribution - Shenzhen

    We mainly produce PDA mobile phone accessories and chargers