Shenzhen Zhongchuang excellence Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen GEMET Technology Co., Ltd. founded on April 1, 2010, Zhongchuang is a comprehensive company integrating project investment and professional fashion intelligent product accessories R & D, production, brand operation, sales and promotion.

Zhongchuang has a good reputation as a brand magician, and has rich experience in brand integration. With its strong market network and rich brand management experience, through strategic cooperation with x-doria, it has the permanent management right of x-doria in Greater China region. In 2014, it founded the defense brand, applied automobile anti-collision technology to the protection of mobile phones, and created the multi AP anti-collision system , a breakthrough solution to the fashion mobile phone case inside and outside the anti drop problem.

The company's existing channels in China have covered 27 provinces, municipalities and municipalities directly under the central government. There are more than 5000 stores and communication equipment chain stores in various places. Defense, as one of the representative brands of the three major anti falling technologies for mobile phone cases in the world, will sell 4 million pieces worldwide in 2019 and become the sales benchmark of Chinese brand in the U.S. mobile phone shell Market. In 2020, defense will return to the Chinese market with the name of Jue se. It will not be afraid to fall, but will be ruthless!

  • 2010

    Founded in Shenzhen

  • 5000

    Terminal store

  • 400ten thousand

    Global hot sale in 2019